Update Instructions

Current versions

Component Version Last modified Change log
iLoader 0.2.2 2010-09-07 Prevent iLoader from detecting spurious button presses on boot.
Installer for iPod Nano 2G 0.2.1 2010-09-07 Initialize backlight properly on boot.
Uninstaller for iPod Nano 2G 0.2.0 2010-08-29 Now powered by emBIOS, improved user interface
emBIOS 0.1.4 2010-11-03 Lots of bug fixes, some other improvements.
emBIOS Loader for iPod Nano 2G 0.1.1 2010-09-07 Initialize backlight properly on boot.
UMSboot 0.1.0 2010-11-03 Initial release of UMSboot.
BEWARE: As usual, these instructions and the software are supplied in the hope that it will be useful but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY! Don't blame me if you trash your data or even brick your iPod.